Motion Cornerstone: Gateway of the Open Book


In celebration of the unique qualities of The Gate City, Greensboro, NC, and its citizens, the Greenway will include four major pieces of public art that recognize the four pillars that make Greensboro’s character unique.  These four pieces of art will recognize Greensboro’s heritage and also look ahead to its future.

  • Motion – motion/education (southwest corner)
  • Tradition – history (northwest corner)
  • Innovation – industry/textiles (northeast corner)
  • Freedom – civil rights (southeast corner)

The Motion Cornerstone, Gateway of the Open Book was created by Brower Hatcher, Providence, Rhode Island, in cooperation with Frank Russell, Greensboro, NC. Installed 2012 at Morehead Park at the intersection of Freeman Mill Road and West Lee Street. The structure is made of stainless steel, with parts of it coated in three additional colors.  Its appearance will change with the weather and with the time of day, and objects within the framework will rearrange themselves depending on where the viewer stands.  The structure includes seating, allowing viewers to look up into it—and it is lit at night.  Greensboro artist Frank Russell worked with students at Jones Elementary School to find or create the objects that are embedded in the stainless steel framework.  Although the Cornerstone will not be designed to give viewers a specific message, the way the imbedded objects interact with each other will allow themes to emerge.

Location: 451 Freeman Mill Rd, Greensboro, NC 27406

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