Gateway Gardens


Eventually spanning 11 acres, Gateway Gardens provides a stunning entryway into the City of Greensboro, a playful and interactive garden, and a horticultural oasis integrating elements of history, movement, discovery, and community. The Gateway Gardens/ Michel Family Children’s Garden is home to a number of public artworks. The Garden is open year-round and admission is free.

Location: 2800 E Gate City Blvd, Greensboro, NC 27401

Madeline’s Font Alphabet Archway


This sculpture was created by Jim Gallucci and named for his daughter, Madeline, who collects fonts and personally designed this one. The Alphabet Archway serves as a grand entrance to the Michel Family Children’s Garden.


Butterfly Shade Structures

The four Butterfly Shade Structures by Erik Beerbower are located within the Michel Family Children’s Garden Maze. They provide shade and interest with the butterflies’ colorful wings.


Carrot Arbor

Carrot Arbor by Ernest and Lois Rich serves as a main focal point in the Michel Family Children’s Garden and as the entrance to the Edible Garden. The Edible Garden features fruit and vegetable plants, and helps educate children about the source of healthy foods.


Vegetable and Fruit Seats 

The whimsical Vegetable and Fruit Seats by Ernest and Lois Rich include a tomato, watermelon, apple, and pear.


Copper Frogs

Beau Smith’s whimsical copper frogs delight young and old alike.  There are the “Reading Frogs”, the “Gardener Frog”, and the “Hangin’ Out Frog”.


A-Z Letters

Greensboro Beautiful has developed an A-Z scavenger hunt in the Children’s Garden at Gateway Gardens.  Children and adults alike enjoy searching for each letter of the alphabet which represents an horticultural term. Created by Jim Gallucci.


Giraffe Topiary


This 14-foot giraffe created by Chris’ Topiary Nursery observes visitors to the Michel Family Children’s Garden, and was installed in 2010.


Book Stage


The Book Stage by Erik Beerbower offers a unique setting for outdoor performances, ceremonies, photo sessions, and other outdoor activities. The “Once Upon A Time” theme relates to the overall themes of literacy in the Michel Family Children’s Garden.


Toy Shaped Seats

Toy Shaped Seats were designed by Ernest and Lois Rich to replicate the block toys enjoyed by generations of children. These seats provide additional seating near the Book Stage.


Hydrophyllum Icon & Water Feature

Standing approximately 35-feet tall, this sculpture created by Vega Metals is the Icon for Gateway Gardens. Installed at the Heritage Garden Plaza, it is surrounded by a pool, and water recirculates to create a stunning waterfall. “Hydrophyllum” means “water leaf” and is an apt description of the sculpture which features plant-like leaves and cascading waterfalls.


Ladybug Bench

These playful benches by Vega Metals depict one of the most delightful of the insects that benefit the gardens.


Musical Sculptures

These larger-than-life musical instruments created by Ernest and Lois Rich include a Cello, Chimes, French Horn, and Trombone.


Main Entrance Gates

The decorative Main Entrance Gates at Gateway Gardens were created by Vega Metals to provide a stunning entry into the gardens. The design mirrors the design of the Hydrophyllum Icon Water Feature, and serve as a functional but sculptural element for the gardens.


Pedestrian Entrance Gate


Similar to the design of the Main Entrance Gates, this gate by Vega Metals allows easy pedestrian access for the surrounding neighborhood from Pear Street.


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