A Traveler’s Garden


The sculpture, A Traveler’s Garden, hangs in the center section, upper level area of the newly renovated Main Terminal of the Piedmont Triad International Airport. “To wish you well on your journeys and welcome you home,” says sculptor and designer Holly Felice. The PTAA and the Cemala Foundation believe this project will help PTI enhance the local cultural landscape and further enhance the facility by capturing the spirit of the Piedmont Triad through public art as a means to welcome patrons and passengers to the airport. The Artists sculpted 3 tree-like root systems that extend down, in a chandelier-like fashion, from the center of the recessed space and hang at different heights. Each root system represents one of the 3 wonderful and distinct regions that make up North Carolina. Growing from the branches are sculptural adaptations of local flowers and leaves common to each region, showcasing some of North Carolina’s beautiful and diverse natural wonders; the Coast is represented by Azaleas, the Mountains by our state wild flower the Carolina Lily, and the Piedmont showcases our state flower the Dogwood. Floating around and perched upon the chandelier-like structure are sculptural versions of local North Carolina butterflies, all clearly attracted to and entranced by the lovely flowers. “The butterflies are symbolic of both North Carolinians and of the travelers coming here via PTI who will now get the opportunity to visit our amazing home,” says Holly Felice. Holly focuses on creating the flowers and Gary is in charge of creating the insects – in this case 5 types of NC Butterflies – Io Moth, Mourning Cloak, Orange Sulphur, Cabbage White, and Luna Moth. This piece is a wonder to view from all angles and if passengers waiting to board are lucky enough to snag a seat beneath it they will be able to pass their time gazing into its branches and finding new details around every bend. Artists Holly Felice and Gary Caldwell. Commissioned by: The Cemala Foundation and the Piedmont Triad Airport Authority.

Location: 1000 Ted Johnson Pkwy, Greensboro, NC 27409

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