Saw Dog



Saw Dog is a whirligig sculpture by Vollis Simpson that was temporarily installed on the grounds of the Cone Health Cancer Center at the Wesley Long Hospital complex.

Simpson, a retired machine shop operator turned visual artist brought visual pleasure and fun to Greensboro and the patients at Wesley Long. The whirligig is made from recycled/upcycled metal- everything from bicycle pieces to B-52 metal parts. In 2013, North Carolina voted to make the whirligig our state’s official folk art. In June, the 94-year-old Vollis Simpson sadly passed away.

This installation was a result of a partnership between The Public Art Endowment
and Cone Health to provide more art to the patients there.

Photos from The Public Art Endowment.

Location: 1118, 2400 W Friendly Ave, Greensboro, NC 27403

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