Water is Life

Artist: David “Mr. June” Louf

Mr. June, a world-renowned artist, was commissioned to paint a “Water is Life” themed mural on the water tank at the Mitchell Water Treatment Plant, 1041 Battleground Avenue in Summer 2018.

“The mural is an opportunity for the City and our Water Resources Department to educate our customers about the importance of water, while also providing public art in a heavily traveled area of Midtown in Greensboro,” said Steve Drew, interim assistant City manager and director of Water Resources.

Working together to develop this project with Water Resources was a community artist selection committee, the City’s Parks and Recreation and Communications and Marketing departments, Phillip Marsh, a local artist and creative consultant, and Faun Finley, chair of the City’s Community Sustainability Council.


1041 Battleground Ave

Greensboro, NC  27408

United States

photo credit: Phillip Marsh, Rockers Print Shop


Photos by Khadejeh Nikouyeh, News & Record

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 1.04.35 PM

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