Rise N’Grind

Rise_N_Grind-2Artists:   Brennen Lieske @brennenlieske and Ethan Morrow @ethanartworks
Latham Skate Park, Greensboro, NC, 790 Hill St, Greensboro, NC 27408.
Describe the artwork
Our Rise N’ Grind mural pulls colors from cover works from the late 80’s Thrasher Magazines. It acknowledges a popular graffiti style that is synonymous with skating culture. The creatures depicted are a result of their passion, skating from sunrise to sunset through the elements of their world. They feature intricate body postures with exaggerated hand gestures and focused facial expressions. Ignoring the danger, they confidently approach their challenge and execute. The graveyard is a large black mysterious pile consisting of playful skater skulls, parts of broken helmets, wheels, and skateboard tombstones. Representing the potential for failure the remnants of those who came before stare up at the creatures from below. The danger of their situation can be seen in the creature’s world as lightning, chaotic unstable ground, and the dark abyss they are skating toward. The creatures have persevered for the moment but destinations can be uncertain. Serving as a metaphor for life our characters overcame obstacles in spite of fear and adversity. The design incorporates checkered tile from Latham Skate Park as part of the flying debris. Also hidden within the piece are elements from the creative process: flat smooth shapes only a computer can generate, hand drawn marks, and notebook paper lines. This mural bridges the worlds of urban art and skating by displaying the importance of practice, finesse, perseverance, and dedication to each lifestyle.


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