The Porch Project: Black Lunch Tables

Heather Hart, Brooklyn, NY

The Porch Project, Black Lunch TablesSouth Elm Projects, 2015.

The Porch Project: Black Lunch Tables is an interactive sculpture designed for intimate conversations and community events for Elsewhere’s South Elm Projects. It takes the lunchroom phenomenon of self-segregation as its starting point, evoking the pivotal Greensboro sit-ins at the Woolworth’s lunch counter in 1960. While its form is based on principles of sacred geometry and Dunbar’s Number, a theory of the perfect threshold of a functional conversation. These tables for five might also serve as an activated memorial for the Greensboro Five: Sandi Smith, Dr. James Waller, Bill Sampson, Cesar Cauce, Dr. Michael Nathan. This Porch Project reserves a place for conversation among neighbors, and a space to consider and challenge the evolving socio-political landscape at this intersection of Greensboro’s community.

The site is on the corner of Bragg Street and Arlington Street, 2 blocks from Elsewhere’s museum in downtown Greensboro, NC.  Contact for more information and to program.tablestables2

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