Artist- Aches

Location- West Gate City/Eugene St Area

Description- Aches is a Graffiti writer/Muralist hailing from Dublin. His work focuses heavily on the digital world, using aspects of technology such as additive colour theory and glitches etc. Aches has travelled through Europe and the USA painting both traditional Graffiti and Murals. His murals most often feature portraits of his friends, people he knows well and communicates with through the technology he is influenced by.

The first photo of the slideshow features J. Kenneth Lee, born in 1923, Lee helped to chart the course of civil rights in the United States, particularly in the state of North Carolina. One of the first two black men admitted to the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill’s School of Law, he helped to open doors for others who followed him into the law profession in that state. He was legal counsel for over seventeen hundred civil rights lawsuits, including suits to integrate public elementary and secondary schools in North Carolina, and he defended students who began the sit-in movement in Greensboro.

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