Location-RED Cinema

Description- Sipros Naberezny is a street artist fro São Paulo, Brazil.  He specializes in photorealistic yet stylized portraits. Using his imagination, the portraits come to life to the delight of viewers. He started in graffiti in 1997 and was known for his character “Big Ears”, which makes children’s analogy that is his source of inspiration and reflection. Self-taught, he ventured into the technique of realism in 2009 reproducing the faces of famous and anonymous.

Just like all the other “Big Ears” characters this wall refers to the juvenile and kids’ world. This one is of a boy that has pimples and is using a band-aid to hide some of it. Sipros’ intention was to use the bandage to attract more attention to the piece. The boy is walking with his dog and drinking soda. He also added balloons to allow people to interact with the art.

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