Industries of the Blind and UNC Greensboro Public Art Project

Location- the IOB building at the corner of Gate City Boulevard and Tate Street

Description- This collaborative piece between UNC Greensboro’s College of Visual and Performing Arts and Industries of the blind (IOB) tells the stories of blind and low-visioned individuals using sight, sound, and touch. The visual element of the project consists of 6 different 8×10 painted banners. The paintings were created by UNCG art students after having conversations with IOB employees about topics such as access and empowerment. To engage the sense of touch, below each visual art piece there is a touchable bas-relief bronze sculpture made using a combination of computer modeling and traditional methods. There are also voice boxes under each banner, which play descriptions of the painting and the narrative that inspired it recorded by the artists, as well as original music scores based on the painting from UNCG music students. This collaboration presents an innovative commentary on accessibility and what it means to experience art.

Read more about the project at

Photos courtesy of UNC Greensboro.

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